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Like all the best outdoor challenges, you have the freedom to choose your own dates and which charity you wish to raise money for, so please feel free to use the information provided on the Triple Spine website. Please let us know how your challenge progressed over the three days.

Want to join us?
I’ll be organising an event each year and you are very welcome to join us, so please check the dates and feel free to invite your friends. It is not a guided walk, however, it is totally free to join our group and I’ll be there to help with advice and any queries you may have.

The next dates are: Fri 22nd, Sat 23rd and Sun 24th September 2017
If you would like to join us on the dates above, or need anymore information, please contact us via this email:
Please state how many are in your group, and their names, and we’ll add them to the list of ‘attendees’ below.

Whilst I’m happy to organise this event, participation is on the condition that individuals are responsible for their own health and safety. It is important to realise that this event is a seriously tough challenge, both mentally and physically. Because it’s over three days that includes a lot of miles and ascent, there’s a strong possibility that the group will separate, so, individual participants are solely responsible for what time they finish each day. My personal aim is to adhere to the summit target times at a reasonable pace, and I can not be responsible for anyone falling behind. The summit target times are provided as a guide to help you judge your progress on each day, so please download the file provided. It is also really important that participants are equipped for navigation of the Triple Spine route, so please either print off the maps from this website or bring your own Ordance Survey maps.

Mileage and Ascent
While every effort has been made to include an accurate mileage and ascent for the Triple Spine, all GPS devices will display differing readings. For example, a GPS device will add every side step on a steep bank, but the next person may not take the exact same zigzags. This is why readings will differ on walks that include much mileage, ascent and descent over many hours. The “official” distance of 66 miles over the three days has been provided as a guide only.

Attendees for 2017

Alan Thewlis
Alex Bullock
Carl Woods
Chantelle Walker
Chris Mutton
Craig Carter
Dave Walsh
Emma Davis
Garreth Phillips
Gerard O Sullivan
Gill Gillybean Nott
Jaclyn Simpson
Jammy Khan
Joff Scarborough
Lee James
Mark Thompson
Michael Hampson
Nikki Moreland
Paul Gration
Phil Downey
Rebecca Mellard
Richard Jennings
Sebastian Laszkiewicz
Sharon Read